Fight 2 EOT23 summary


While the I-16 leader levels out and turns left, the two Bf109s gang up on I-16 #5 as he starts to pull out of his vertical dive and turn right. 109 #5 matches the I-16s maneuver, while his wingman steepens his dive from above, rolling upright. Both 109s are latched onto its tail, slightly above and immediately behind. Both pilots fire long tracking bursts at the I-16. The result is both catastrophic and immediate. A stream of lead pours into the small, fragile Republican fighter. Rounds strike all over the airframe, enough to cause it to become unairworthy in itself. But worse than that, some incendiary rounds pierce its fuel tank. There is no flame, just an almighty explosion. Where a few seconds earlier an intact I-16 flew, there is nothing left but a dark smudge and falling debris. There is no chute. Both 109 pilots flinch as pieces of metal whirl towards them, but their aircraft emerge unscathed

They share the kill, and now outnumber the I-16 leader

Combat results:
109 #5: 7H/1C - Cockpit, becomes equipment = W2 disabled
109 #6: 4H/1C - Fuel tank, a/c explodes

Pilot failed one-off bail out attempt

Bf109s have +2 initiative for next 2 turns

Bf109 #5 = 1.5 kills
Bf109 #6 = 0.5 kills

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