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I'm the worst for progressing games consistently. They either whizz along or stall because other 'real life' things land on my plate

We have a great bunch of players and referees, the majority of which understand and allow for delays

On that note, players in my Spanish Civil War games (x2) and the 8th AF Mission game will be pleased to hear that I am now at a point where I can get these fired up again (tonight)….thanks everyone involved for your patience and understanding


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Don't get discouraged. Fight 3 is a big game. You'll make less errors if you breathe between posts. Don't hurry to accommodate players. You are doing a fine job.

Larger games can move slow sometimes. It is tough if some players get busy and take too long between moves. A player dropping out is not a sign of bad reffing, but player impatience. That's why we encourage players to be in multiple games. If the action is slow on one site, they can be entertained elsewhere.

Also, that's why I like to see a mix of large and small games out on the web. Grimace if you must, but press on. With time and practice you will make fewer reffing errors, but we are all human so be forgiven. At times, I think I'm the worst one out there since I tend to only superficially monitor moves.

Cheers, and thanking all my reffing volunteers.